Changing Careers: How to Do It Right

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Date published
30 May 2024
Changing Careers: How to Do It Right

Making a career change is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and planning. Once you’ve decided on a new career path, it's crucial to create an action plan to transition smoothly. Here are some essential steps to help you navigate this change successfully:

Identify Yourself

Take an inventory of your interests, strengths, weaknesses, and preferences. Identify potential career paths that align with your values and goals.

Know Your Personal Core Values and Needs

Determine what’s important for you in your work-life—whether it's the working environment, industry, job scope, paycheck, or freedom. Consider what you like and dislike about your current job to help guide your future career choices.

Get Specific with What Is Not Working for You

Pinpoint your dissatisfaction with your current job or industry. Understand what motivates you to change—whether it's personal life impact, lack of meaning, passion, or a newfound love for something else.

Brainstorm Your Future Career

Explore potential career options and research job opportunities to ensure they are a good fit for you.

Use Your Network and Test the Waters

Engage with professionals in the industry you’re interested in to gain insights and identify mentors or job leads. Volunteer, intern, or take on freelance or part-time work in your desired field to gain experience and build relationships.

Rebrand Yourself

List the skills, training, and education you need to excel in your new career path. Develop a plan to acquire these skills and be the best version of yourself.

Stay Motivated and Track Your Progress

Create an action plan with short- and long-term goals and specific milestones to hold yourself accountable.

Take time to assess your options and develop a strategy for a successful transition. Be prepared for the financial and lifestyle changes that may come with changing careers, such as salary adjustments, relocation, or a different work-life balance.