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Regional experts, the MyWorld recruitment team are leaders in the recruitment industry in Laos. Offering second-to-none sophistication and expertise across all industries and job functions, our team of 50+ recruitment professionals are able to provide our candidates and clients the best recruitment solution.


MyWorld works with the top international and local firms in Laos. We provide the following recruitment and staffing solutions;

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How can MyWorld’s Executive Search support your recruitment strategy?

Successful organizations understand the critical importance of selecting the right leadership to unlock their employees' potential and optimize operational efficiency. At MyWorld, we take this commitment seriously. Our team of experienced Executive Search Consultants is renowned for their ability to fill Senior Management positions, including roles such as CEO, COO, CFO, Country Manager, and Director-level positions for our clients.

Place your trust in MyWorld's Executive Search team and discover why we are the premier solution for Senior Management recruitment in Laos.

To get started, reach out to us at sales@myworld.com.mm to schedule a complimentary consultation.


How MyWorld’s Contingency Search Can Support Your Recruitment Strategy

MyWorld is the largest recruitment agency in the region with offices in Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Using the most advanced search techniques and systems, MyWorld Consultants are able to support the largest companies in the region with their recruitment needs.

With specialist recruitment consultants focusing on specific job function verticals, our knowledge and network are second to none. Our experience in the region allows us to move faster than our competition and add value with a quality not quantity approach to recruitment that is unknown to our competitors.

MyWorld's success rate is the best in the market and we stand by our high quality and customer service standards. You can contact us at sales@myworld.com.mm to schedule a free consultation.


How Our Payroll Outsourcing Service Enhances Efficiency for Your Business

Our Payroll Outsourcing service offers a strategic solution for organizations seeking to optimize their operations and reduce the burden of internal payroll management.

In our role as your payroll service provider, we shoulder the weight of intricate calculations and documentation, ensuring full compliance with tax laws and regulatory requirements. This encompasses the precise calculation and withholding of taxes, the meticulous preparation and submission of tax forms, the management and disbursement of employee benefits, and the delivery of comprehensive payroll reports.

Laos Payroll & Outsourcing, our dedicated team responsible for managing Outsourced Payroll Services, boasts extensive experience and expertise.

To explore how our services can transform your payroll management, contact us via email at contact@payroll-and-outsourcing.com or through WhatsApp at +95 9 777 002 284. Additional information is available on the Laos Payroll & Outsourcing website.


Contract and Outsourced Staffing Services offer a holistic and adaptable solution for businesses aiming to streamline workforce management. Whether the objective is to save time, cut costs, or tap into a wider talent pool, these services facilitate the achievement of your goals. It is especially advantageous for businesses seeking to expand into new markets or those necessitating rapid scalability of their workforce for specific projects or events.

For more details, reach out to us via email at contact@payroll-and-outsourcing.com or on WhatsApp at +95 9 777 002 284. Additional information is available on the Laos Payroll & Outsourcing website.


Mission Statement
  • We aim to be the best recruitment service for the Laos markets
  • To place the right candidates at the right companies
  • Offering a progressive and challenging environment for our employees

Our Vision

To be the most respected and relied upon recruitment and staffing agency in every country we operate in.

Live our Core Value

value 1
Continuous self-improvement

Committed to corporate and individual development

value 2

CProfessionalism, delivering value, 100% rule


Taking ownership and responsibility for one’s tasks, achievements and mistakes

Customer Service

Commercially focused, build trust with all our customers


Enabling each other to do what we do

Commitment Statement

To our clients

Deliver the Best service

To our candidates

Introduce the Best opportunities

To our colleagues

Be the Best team member and support them in achieving their goals, together we are strong


Join our team

Joining MyWorld Careers goes beyond mere employment; it signifies a strategic step towards propelling your career forward. Our dedication to our work is unwavering, as we strive to revolutionise the recruitment landscape.

If you seek a recruitment firm that prizes its team, cultivates an exceptional work environment, and offers abundant avenues for development, you have found your destination. We are eagerly anticipating your arrival to collaborate on our shared triumphs.